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ZZZlist Radio Episode 23

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Check out our newest episode, ZZZlist Radio Episode 23.

In this episode, Ro and Chris discuss Krispy Kreme Donut Burgers, Mos Def, the DC Sniper, Lou Dobbs, Mike Tyson, Carrie Prejean, and more.

We’ll be on vacation so no more shows until December. Have a great holiday!

Intro “Hit It and Quit It” by Funkadelic. Outro “Cygnus… Vismund Cygnus” by The Mars Volta.

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Mos Def Album Released on a T-Shirt

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Interscope Record’s recording artist Mos Def made history with his 2009 album The Ecstatic.

The Ecstatic was released as a first ever “music tee”, a T-shirt with the cover art on the front, the track list on the back, and a tag containing a code for a digital download online.

No word on whether or not other artists will follow this innovation, but they should think about it because physical albums will soon be a thing of the past.

Mos Def vs. Christopher Hitchens

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You can not look cooler than me.

You can not look cooler than me.

The Mighty Mos Def vs The Righty/Lefty Christopher Hitchens on Bill Maher.

Pretty good battle.