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Glenn Beck Cries (AGAIN)

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Glenn Beck plays some vintage commercials and gets his cry on.

From his Fox show The Glenn Beck Show on Thursday 10/15.

President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

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President Obama was recognized by the Norwegian Nobel Committee who awarded him the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize today. Recognized for his work toward changing the international perception of the US by pledging to reduce world stock of nuculear weapons and healing American/Muslim relations, the committee cited Obama’s creation of “a new climate in international politics”.

In other words, Obama is making a solid effort to undo all of the damage done to international relations by the Bush Administration. This is definitely change we can believe in.

Obama: No ASU Degree, Blonde Retard: Graduate!

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TEMPE, ARIZONA – Universities typically confer an honorary degree on commencement speakers, particularly those who have reached the pinnacle of their career or achieved the top of their field. Arizona State University (ASU), though, says it will not confer an honorary degree on this year’s commencement speaker, President Barack Obama, because “his body of work is yet to come.”


This is fucking bullshit. ASU is a joke of a school anyway. I hope he makes a joke regarding the Special Olympics, and how retarded it is that he has a Harvard Diploma, but not one from ASU.