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Musician Teena Marie Died. Questo Got All “Kanye” for a Few Minutes.

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Part 1: Teena Marie Dies

Teena Marie, the only white female artist (besides Michael Jackson) to break into the R&B music scene to a urban majority audience has died of  “natural causes” at the age of 54.

On the evening of December 26, Marie was found dead in her bedroom by her daughter Alia Rose (also known under stage name Rose LeBeau) one day after Alia’s December 25th Birthday.

Teena Marie was an R&B singer/guitarist and a protégé of soul artist Rick James. Romantically and professionally linked to James,  the duo often collaborated and toured together.

Stemming from her lawsuit against Motown records, she leaves behind as her legacy “The Teena Marie Law”, which states that a record company cannot hold an artist under contract without publishing their material.

Part 2: Twitter Goes Apeshit

It started with rumors and speculation on Twitter. Did Teena Marie die or not? After all, there was a Teena Marie death hoax a few years ago. And she admittedly had a prior addiction to prescription medication. But no one wants to look stupid claiming that she died and looking like a sucker if the person in question did not actually die.

It all appeared to start with Shelia E’s announcement:

Then Questo from The Roots replied to Sheila and said he needed a whiter source of news.  (I know the time stamps are off, but I just took screenshots at different times):

Ron Isley from The Isley Brothers chimed in:

But Questo wasn’t buying it. He still needed verification from “The Man”:

Next, Questo links to The Huffington Post’s article and wonders if this is “white enough.” Me thinks it is. :

Incoming! CNN:

Ok now the Q-Man is convinced:

Then came the Twitter backlash against Questlove ranging from things like his Courtney Love comment, his need for a “whiter” news source, his seemingly contrived grieving for Teena Marie, etc.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m a big fan of the Roots and I love Questlove on twitter because he talks politics, love, and usually keeps it real and makes people think. But for a few minutes, I thought that this had the potential to be his Rick Sanchez moment and his downfall. Remember when CNN fired Rick Sanchez during his tirade against Jon Stewart? It went like this:

“I’m telling you that everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart, and to imply that somehow they — the people in this country who are Jewish — are an oppressed minority? Yeah.” – Rick Sanchez

But the music business is more forgiving if you keep making hit records. So rock-on Questo!

By the way, here are Teena Marie’s last twats, a quote about living forever and birthday wishes for her daughter. Very sad. My condolences to Rose. :


Here is Rick James and Teena Marie singing, “I’m Just a Sucker for Your Love”

ZZZlist’s Top 5 Celebs to Follow on Twitter

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If you want to know what your favorite celeb is doing, eating, or where they are going, Twitter is the place to be.

Below are our top 5 celebrities to follow on Twitter, based on my opinion of the quality of their twats.

5. Quest Love  (drummer for The Roots) – Questlove’s insightful, humorous, socially aware and politically charged twats earned him a spot on the top 5 list. From health care to Michael Jackson, the subjects of Questlove’s twats are a refreshing change of pace from the inane bullshit that you see coming from other celebrities on twitter.


4. Wil Wheaton Wil Wheaton, actor and golden child of is a geek. When he’s not tweeting about science fiction, computers, or robots, he posts some pretty funny dialog between him and his cat.


3. Stephen ColbertColbert has 2 twitter accounts – one for work and one for home. While both are entertaining, for the purpose of this article I’m going to assume that the work twats are written by teenage interns at Comedy Central and his home twats are written by Colbert himself.

Colbert’s twats are political in nature and often reflect topics discussed on The Colbert Report. For those of us who are die-hard fans, Colbert’s posts serve as ticklish little twat teasers to hold us over until his next show.


2. John MayerI’m not totally happy to be adding John Mayer to this list. He’s a musician but I couldn’t tell you one song he’s released. All I can tell you about his music is that he’s not Howie Day. Another thing that irks me about Mayer is that he’s dated two of the most annoying bitches on earth, Jennifer Anniston and Jessica Simpson. Although props to him for having the cajones to date Aniston. Imagine the pressure he must have felt performing sexually knowing that his dick is where Brad Pitt’s dick has been before. Imagine following that act?.Bra-vo, Mr Mayer. Bravo. All character flaws aside, I can’t help but notice that the dude is fucking funny on Twitter. I mean really funny. Consistently funny.

Here one of Mayer’s many hilarious responses to Perez Hilton crying on youtube after someone from Wil I Am’s crew punched him in the face:


1. Boy GeorgeThis man is the most attentive to his fans and brutally honest celebrity on Twitter. Unapologetically gay, Boy George shares a lot about his life with his friends and fans, including his favorite music, photos, clothes, and men. That combined with his bratty sense of humor makes him the #1 celebrity to follow on Twitter. Other celebs should follow his lead.