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Thats so Palin!

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Ok you are required by state law to pick a Democrat to fill an empty Senate seat. What would Palin do. Something unethical? You Betcha!

Palin picks Grussendorf for Juneau Senate seat

JUNEAU — Gov. Sarah Palin has appointed legislative aide Tim Grussendorf to the state Senate seat that opened when Juneau Democrat Kim Elton resigned. It’s a controversial pick that Grussendorf’s own party says it will try to block.

Palin had to pick a Democrat from Juneau for the seat under state law. But Grussendorf was a registered Republican until just weeks ago, then switched to being a Democrat to qualify for the appointment. Grussendorf now needs a majority vote of the nine Democrats in the state Senate to approve his appointment.

Juneau Democratic Party officials want state House Minority Leader Beth Kerttula to get the Senate seat instead and are rallying party leaders statewide.

Is there a limit to how unethical Sarah Palin is?