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5 Years Ago Today: House of Freaks Singer/Guitarist Bryan Harvey, His Wife Kathryn, and Daughters Stella and Ruby Were Murdered

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It was New Year’s Day 2006 when the Harvey family Bryan (49), Katheryn (39), Stella (9), and Ruby (4), were brutally murdered in the basement of their home.

Bryan Harvey and Johnny Hott (Hott is a family name – not a stage name) were a popular indie musical duo from Richmond, Virginia called “House of Freaks.” I first ran across them circa 1986 at McCabe’s Guitar shop in Santa Monica where (I think) they opened for fIREHOSE and I became an instant fan. When their first album “Monkey on a Chain Gang” came out, I loved it so much it became the only album I have ever purchased in vinyl, cassette, and CD. To this day, it is one of my top 5 favorite albums (tied with Love’s self titled album). Here is one of the few videos I could find on the band.

The killings, dubbed the “Richmond Spree Murders”, were committed over a 7-day period by ex-cons Ray Joseph Dandridge and Ricky Javon Gray.  Dandridge and Gray brutally murdered seven people including the Harvey family. Ultimately they were caught and are both confessed. They were both sentenced to death and are currently waiting on the court appeals process.

If you knew Bryan or Kathryn Harvey, or have photos of them and are willing to release them for publication, please call (310) 439-9979 to leave a message or email me at