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McCain booed for respecting Obama at townhall at Heavens doorstep.

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Today in a town hall forum in Sun City AZ, home of the worlds oldest people, an old bag asked Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) whether President Obama knows “that we still live under a Constitution.”

McCain, who remembers almost being president till he picked Malibu Barbie as a running mate, said “I’m sure that he does.” He also said that Obama “respects the Constitution of the United States,” This caused the near dead people that rely on socialist medicare to boo loudly. McCain, harkining back yo his days in a Viet Nam jail pointed out the “fundamental difference in philosophy and about the role of government.” “I am convinced the president is absolutely sincere in his beliefs,” which upset the people more than when grocery stores are out of Depends Undergarments.

Stay Classy Tea Baggers.

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So you see a Jewish man talking to a news reporter about how Israel has a strong public health insurance plan.

Do you:

A) Ask for more information about Isreal’s health care plan.
B) Give statistics about how America’s health care plan is better.
C) Agree to disagree and enjoy some falafel.
D) Yell Heil Hitler at the Jewish man, then make cry baby noises.

If you chose D, you are a real tea bagger.

Billionaires for Wealthcare

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Sign Fail

Sign Fail

A group of Pro-Health Care advocates decided to hit the streets and mingle with the tea baggers. They got dressed up as rich people, rented a stretch limo, and paraded around yelling humorous things that rich people would say to justify stopping the health care overhaul. This group was formerly named Billionares for Bush, they are now called Billionaires for Wealthcare.

This takes place in the heart of Scottsdale, across the street from Fashion Square Mall. This area is full of right wing people, especially rich ones. One of the streets they are on, Goldwater, is named for Barry Goldwater, the first chicken hawk neoconservative in history. When Goldwater ran for President he only won Arizona, and the slave belt in the south. It went down in history as the biggest landslide in history.

My favorite parts were:

Rich guy yells “privatize the government.”
Tea bagger lady repeats over and over “I am not crazy.”
Rich Guy saying: “Obama was born on another planet.”

There are plenty more.

Check it out.